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DevSecOps - Security by Design to Security in Operations

The complexity of protecting our personal and organizational valuables is increasingly difficult to navigate.  Similarly, threats come from so many directions that attaining awareness of important security risks to the business is challenging.

Whether you want to start with systems design or handling security in a system that is already in operation, RapidSoft provides solutions with a holistic approach making the process both backward and forward compatible. Understanding system boundaries, collecting data attack surfaces, providing mitigations, and more importantly measuring and monitoring the system stance 24/7 – 365 days.

Provided to SLED Prime Contractor – Solution for CyberSecruity includes process development for DevSecOps, embedding SAST,IAST and DAST into the pipelines. Open source tool evaluation and comparison.

Cloud Operations

For an agency under DHS, supported Cloud Operations from ground-up. This micro-level project is a free-standing application to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the department by leverage Secure Cloud solutions. Developed IaC (Infrastructure as Code) to stand-up the network and applications in record time. (60% less time compared without IaC). Contact: for specific details.

CyberSecurity - Policy and Procedures

While Cybersecurity implementation is critical to any Infrastructure and it equally important to document, maintain, and report the security stance to team and executives.

RapidSoft worked DoD prime contractor, to develop a comprehensive list of artifacts (documents) that were required for IATT and ATO certifications. The deeper holistic understanding of Systems, Personnel, and Infrastructure expertise to document the System stance and Security plans.

The artifacts include SSP, POA&M, SAR, Data Flow, System Boundaries, Asset Discovery, ACAS, STIGs, eMASS (and without eMASS).

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